Ebenseer Carneval – 01.03.2014 – 05.03.2014

The Ebenseer carnival can be described with having a fun, exciting, informal, turbulent character!

No matter what age group, everyone celebrates the so-called „Ebenseer national holidays “. It starts with the beginning of the carnival opening, where various dance events and mascarades take place on a weekly basis, to enjoy dancing and great entertainment.

The carnival weekend is especially exciting and worth celebrating. The children’s carnival takes place on Saturday; the adults are the key players on the big Ebenseer carnival on Sunday, and on Monday you can enjoy the most unusual carnival fair – the so called “scrap train” followed by boisterous carnival celebrations in the inns.

The 120 year-old “scrap train” was honored in 2011 with the UNESCO-cultural heritage. Following Ash Wednesday, where the carnival is ends on the Traunufer, and one wish remains: „Carnival day, carnival day, come again soon!“

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